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16713 Gage Station

(Fixtures & Gages) 



  • Gage that checks profiles of muffler and resonators.

  • Checks tips to tailpipe - flatness of manifold, checks flange positions, part placement, mounting flanges, hangers.

  • Leak detection

  • HMI provides cycle time, end counts,  set up screen, status, fault, troubleshooting screen. Tells operator if the assembly doesn't meet specifications. 

  • Gage will scribe part number using a Sic scriber on the assembly.

  • It will create a label using a Zebra Printer


  • Allen Bradley Compact GuardLogix PLC 

  • Allen Bradley PanelView Plus 1000 HMI 

  • Cisco Managed Ethernet Switch 

  • Keyence Barcode Scanners 

  • Zebra Printer 

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Stainless Steel

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